Soldiers turn land guards as they invade private property at Pokuase

A team of soldiers attached to Operation Calm Life taskforce has invaded a piece of land under litigation on the orders of one of the parties claiming ownership of land.

On Tuesday, November 30, 2021, the group of soldiers, who were acting on the orders of the Executive Chairman of African Concrete Products (ACP), Carl Richards, one of the two parties claiming ownership of the land, stormed the piece of land in breach of a court order.

Documents provided to Crosscheck Ghana show a ruling that favours Winfred Kumah Apawu of Brainsfield Limited – one of the parties in the land litigation – as owners of the parcel of land located at Pokuase, in the Greater Accra Region.

ACP CEO, Carl Richards

Already, the Court of Appeal has dismissed an injunction application brought by Mr Richards to stop Mr Kumah Apawu from further developing the parcel of land.

However, Mr Richards, who is believed to have friends in the military, organised the soldiers onto the land on Tuesday afternoon to threaten Mr Kumah Apawu’s workers on the disputed land.

Operation Calm Life team is tasked with combating criminal activity in all parts of the country, however, it seems taskforce’s logistics, personnel and weapons are at the beck and call of the highest bidder.

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